How to prevent Acne or Pimple

Acne is a skin disease that develops when oil and dead skin cells are plugged into the hair follicles. Whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples are caused by it. Acne is most prevalent in adolescents, but people of all ages are affected by it. There are good therapies for acne, but acne can be persistent. Prevention of […]

Menopausal complaints

Menstrual abnormalities, vasomotor symptoms, sleep disturbances, mood symptoms, and urogenital tract atrophy are all symptoms of the menopausal transition, also known as perimenopause. These improvements may also affect one’s quality of life and self-esteem. The signs and symptoms are: Irregular periods.Vaginal dryness.Hot flashes.Chills.Night sweats.Sleep problems.Mood changes

Acidity or Gastritis

Acidity arises in the gastric glands of the stomach when there is an unnecessary release of acids. We experience what is generally referred to as heartburn when the secretion is more than average, which is typically caused by the intake of spicy foods. Prevention of Acidity A balanced diet and managing your weight Making it […]